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all orders come from a los angeles fulfillment service, one worldOrdering a new drone or software bundle for editing video? We’ve been asked where our warehouse is located. We’re happy to say that all products ordered from oi-us.com are fulfilled in Los Angeles by our 3pl company, One World Direct (OWD). What that means is that we’re able to provide a better service on the things that our readers think matters most, and that’s testing, trying, reviewing and creating new products. These aspects of our business are more important to us and frankly help us to keep our costs down, ergo, our prices.

Who develops and ships our products

While we have some products in our catalog that we’ve developed ourselves, we also carry other products from manufacturers such as Phantom, Blade and others as you’ve found in our brochure. Our branding is undergoing some changes but we are still carrying all the greats that we’ve been providing via mail-order for many years. As a brand you can trust, oi-us is committed to staying on top of our industry, and our customers benefit from that first hand.

Why order from OI-US?

When you order from us, we’re not going to always provide the cheapest options for your UAV / drone / video needs, but they will all be high quality. There are always graduated options for everyone from backyard enthusiast to professionals. Since the world of this technology is relatively new and constantly evolving, we strive to be the industry leaders in recommending the best and providing the best for your needs. Sometimes all you want is a toy that you can fly around the neighborhood for fun with no need for video capabilities. Other times you want to fly miles away and have a live video feed straight to your smartphone via FPV. You might even want to get into competitive racing of your drone (which we love).

How to Track your Package After you Buy from us

All that to say that when our orders are fulfilled by a third party that handles those logistics, it ensures that delivery comes on-time by a great carrier. Can you find our products on Amazon? Not yet, and probably never. We chose not to bring operations to them because they won’t deliver our products in our boxes, which is a bad deal while we work on creating a brand. But not to worry, every one of our packages that we ship out is carefully tracked, you’ll receive information on the whereabouts of your package so you’ll never have to worry about it getting stolen, or it it’s on the way to you or not. How? Simple. We use a great package tracking software, that will send a notification in real-time directly to your email with all the information surrounding your shipment. We’re glad to be able to provide you with this value-added service. Simply go to your email inbox after you place an order and you’ll find your tracking info. So currently the only way to order is straight from our catalog. Get yours today and find the very top drones, cameras, tips, tricks, techniques and industry related news. It’s always there for you, and always providing value!

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