Using Cell Phones To Control Drones

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When I first purchased a drone earlier in the previous decade, it was expensive, big, and just annoying to control. I didn’t want to have anything to do with it because of that annoying reality. I just wanted something that was easy, but where was  I going to find that? It was not around.

The new drones are unique and I love that about them. They are lovely in terms of their looks and are so simple to control. I just love taking out the cell phone and guiding them around as they swerve through the area.

Watch the integration – seamless with the Phantom3

I would have to say it is one of the most satisfying feels to have this control over the drone. The past controllers were not able to do this for me. They were bulky and just plain hideous to look at. I didn’t want them in my hands.

I would say that cell phones to control drones are a brilliant idea and very imaginative. It is also reasonable because you do have your cell phone on you and that means one less thing you don’t have to haul around with you.

Take the cell phone and power it on.

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