Using Artificial Intelligence Technology with Video

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Uses and Dangers of Artificial Intelligence Technology

Artificial intelligence is more than what you would see in the movies before. It has come a long way and you see it in most technology in some manner. I have enjoyed using technology that has this type of setup.

I remember running some of my recent setups in terms of drones and noticing how the technology is evolving. I have seen signs of artificial intelligence seeping into the market. I just love it.

The technology is great because it shows a sign of evolution and growth. The industry has not just got happy with where they have been and are looking to keep pushing. They want to break all of those barriers that have been there before.

Watch what Bill Gates has to say about it AI

I love it because that means I am able to get better things that might not have been plausible in the minds of past generations.

I think this is how it should continue to go because why not be able to tap into the artificial intelligence tech that is being developed for our use. It is only going to get better and increasingly mainstream meaning the uses will also increase for everyone on the planet. It will become powerful.