Trying To Find A Video Production Company To Shoot My Commercial

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Hi Guys, I got an email from someone: “I am a small business owner and I am not selling products as well as I believe I can. The main issue is that we do not have the exposure we would like. A friend of mine told me that creating a commercial would help with this, but I am not very good at that type of thing. I am guessing that it would be in my best interest to hire a company that has production experience. Otherwise, I will end up with a terrible commercial that the entire world will laugh at.

The main problem I am having is the fact that some of these people want to charge entirely too much money. There is something very wrong when you are trying to find help and it feels like you have to take out a second mortgage in order to afford anything. I know that I will have to pay a decent price if I want production that does not leave a lot to be desired, but I do not want to pay so much that I feel like I am being cheated. I would be so unhappy if this happened to me.”

How would you respond? Do you have any sales pitches you use for selling video services?