Suggestions When Shooting Cellphone Videos

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using cam candie for iphone recordingRemember when cellphone pictures were of really poor quality, and the video function on your cellphone was rather useless? This was the case when phones didn’t have adequate storage and when the image and video quality were nothing compared to what you would get with a video camera. Did you know they are now shooting entire full length 4k movies with iPhones?

Nowadays, people rarely use video cameras; instead, they are all using their smartphones to record videos and upload them to the web. When people shoot these videos, however, they don’t always think about how they can get the best shot. For example, do you see many people flipping their phones sideways to get a wider shot? If you think about it, you likely see most people holding their phones upright. You can get a better shot usually when you turn your phone sideways.

People also often don’t think about cleaning the lens. Wipe it off every once in awhile and look to see how it improves the image that shows up on your phone. It makes a big difference if the lens is dirty. Checkout some cell phone holders for video.

If you are a person that likes to shoot many cellphone videos, you might want to invest in a cellphone tripod. This may sound funny but how many shaky cellphone videos have you seen? You can be sure that your phone is steady when shooting if you use one of these devices.

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