Drone Photos on your Digital Photo Frame

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Whenever you go out to shoot aerial photos, it’s often overlooked to add these pictures to your regular carousel of images that you might have displaying, especially at the office in a digital photo frame showing pictures that only you had a perspective on. Did you know that most people who use drones to take pictures, actually don’t? They use them for primarily video. But imagine a nice frontal aerial image of your home or the office building from a totally unique perspective. What would people think about that?

Getting the most out of a digital picture frame with drone shots

Picture displayed in an Aluratek digital picture frame with family smilingYour drone doesn’t have to be 500 feet in the air to capture something amazing. You could take a nice family picture from the back patio or a second floor deck only 20 or 30 feet from the tops of your heads and out in front at a 20* angle. This kind of imaging gives a new sense of perspective to your photo taking abilities and may even land you a new gig after someone asks them where they had the photos taken. Pictures aren’t always the nicest with drones that shoot video, especially if you’re using a fish-eye lens but they do make for good video. But take off that filter and you’ll be on your way to some truly amazing photography that you can proudly display on the computer desktop or in a digital picture frame. Don’t underestimate the ability of your technology or abilities to take great photos – then do something amazing with them!