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“I also like things on wheels”

Finding the right solution to any video / audio needs is always a question of budget and the tools at your disposal. Getting the latest and greatest doesn’t always mean life is going to be easier, it might mean you’ll end up spending more than necessary and for the same results you would have gotten had you used your legacy equipment. Has this happened to you? You buy something that is a “shiny new object” then find out it’s not all it cracked up to be.

Well, I have some good news for you. This website is 100% dedicated to highlighting the leaders in the marketplace of video production, audio, drones, technology that flies, wireless technology and even some bluetooth.

Sometimes newer is better, and I want to prove it to you by bringing leaders to the table who are doing it right. We’ll deliver the latest news for making your life easier whether you’re a professional or a weekend warrior. -DB

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