Great Innovative Tips from a Video Production Company in SoCal

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Top Tips For Better Quality Video Production

Internet marketing involves creating quality videos that people will want to sit through. You need to focus on offering valuable information and providing a seamless viewing experience for everyone that chooses to watch the video. No, you will not need to hire a professional crew to produce your videos, but you will need to invest time and effort into learning more about the production process. To help you get started, we have compiled the most helpful Internet advice into one article!

1. Many people make the mistake of copying other people’s successful videos. It’s always advisable to suppress this urge and opt to create something unique. You may borrow concepts or raw ideas from other people, but don’t outright copy them!

2. Write a script and jot down ideas for what you want your video to convey in terms of information. Waiting until last minute or trying to come up with ideas on the spot can be extremely stressful. Your video is guaranteed to be better if you’ve planned for it.

3. Choose a quality set for your video and pay attention to the little details. When picking the cast for your video, be selective and make sure your chosen cast members can do their jobs well. Viewers can tell in just a few seconds if quality control wasn’t something you put very much stock in.

4. Consistent sound quality is a must, especially for people expecting to watch videos in HD. Hidden mics are well worth investing in if you’re going to be shooting several videos.

5. Set up lights to ensure that your video is properly exposed. You don’t want too much light as it can mean your video is overexposed, on the other hand, you shouldn’t make your video so dark that it’s hard to make out the people talking.

6. A camera tripod is one of the single most important tools that you can have on hand if you’re going to be producing a video. It can ensure the picture quality remains high and you won’t have any shaky cam moments that can take away from the viewing experience. To help you get better acquainted with shooting videos from the right location, practice first.

7. Do your best to convey the mood that your video is trying to show. You wouldn’t want an emotional video to have the same background and dialogue as a video that’s meant to be entertaining or humorous.

8. Watch videos from people you respect and take notes on what they’re doing. Don’t copy the videos by any means, but do get some pointers as to how you can make your videos better and more appealing to the right crowd.

How to Achieve Greatness in Producing Videos

How To:

Making videos isn’t as easy as the pros make it look. Special thanks to a San Diego video production company for these exclusive tips. Even the successful people on YouTube have trouble every now and then. If you follow the advice from this article, you will discover that you can create videos of interest and viewers will respect you in the process.

For information on contacting Ferrari Productions who contributed to this article:

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What Happens when you Order From Us

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all orders come from a los angeles fulfillment service, one worldOrdering a new drone or software bundle for editing video? We’ve been asked where our warehouse is located. We’re happy to say that all products ordered from are fulfilled in Los Angeles by our 3pl company, One World Direct (OWD). What that means is that we’re able to provide a better service on the things that our readers think matters most, and that’s testing, trying, reviewing and creating new products. These aspects of our business are more important to us and frankly help us to keep our costs down, ergo, our prices.

Who develops and ships our products

While we have some products in our catalog that we’ve developed ourselves, we also carry other products from manufacturers such as Phantom, Blade and others as you’ve found in our brochure. Our branding is undergoing some changes but we are still carrying all the greats that we’ve been providing via mail-order for many years. As a brand you can trust, oi-us is committed to staying on top of our industry, and our customers benefit from that first hand.

Why order from OI-US?

When you order from us, we’re not going to always provide the cheapest options for your UAV / drone / video needs, but they will all be high quality. There are always graduated options for everyone from backyard enthusiast to professionals. Since the world of this technology is relatively new and constantly evolving, we strive to be the industry leaders in recommending the best and providing the best for your needs. Sometimes all you want is a toy that you can fly around the neighborhood for fun with no need for video capabilities. Other times you want to fly miles away and have a live video feed straight to your smartphone via FPV. You might even want to get into competitive racing of your drone (which we love).

How to Track your Package After you Buy from us

All that to say that when our orders are fulfilled by a third party that handles those logistics, it ensures that delivery comes on-time by a great carrier. Can you find our products on Amazon? Not yet, and probably never. We chose not to bring operations to them because they won’t deliver our products in our boxes, which is a bad deal while we work on creating a brand. But not to worry, every one of our packages that we ship out is carefully tracked, you’ll receive information on the whereabouts of your package so you’ll never have to worry about it getting stolen, or it it’s on the way to you or not. How? Simple. We use a great package tracking software, that will send a notification in real-time directly to your email with all the information surrounding your shipment. We’re glad to be able to provide you with this value-added service. Simply go to your email inbox after you place an order and you’ll find your tracking info. So currently the only way to order is straight from our catalog. Get yours today and find the very top drones, cameras, tips, tricks, techniques and industry related news. It’s always there for you, and always providing value!

Drone Photos on your Digital Photo Frame

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Whenever you go out to shoot aerial photos, it’s often overlooked to add these pictures to your regular carousel of images that you might have displaying, especially at the office in a digital photo frame showing pictures that only you had a perspective on. Did you know that most people who use drones to take pictures, actually don’t? They use them for primarily video. But imagine a nice frontal aerial image of your home or the office building from a totally unique perspective. What would people think about that?

Getting the most out of a digital picture frame with drone shots

Picture displayed in an Aluratek digital picture frame with family smilingYour drone doesn’t have to be 500 feet in the air to capture something amazing. You could take a nice family picture from the back patio or a second floor deck only 20 or 30 feet from the tops of your heads and out in front at a 20* angle. This kind of imaging gives a new sense of perspective to your photo taking abilities and may even land you a new gig after someone asks them where they had the photos taken. Pictures aren’t always the nicest with drones that shoot video, especially if you’re using a fish-eye lens but they do make for good video. But take off that filter and you’ll be on your way to some truly amazing photography that you can proudly display on the computer desktop or in a digital picture frame. Don’t underestimate the ability of your technology or abilities to take great photos – then do something amazing with them!

What To Look For When Buying Video Editing Software

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Video Editing user interfaceHaving the right video editing software can make a world of difference in the quality of your videos. Let’s take a look at some of the most important things to keep in mind when choosing a program:

1. Your budget. The amount of money you have to spend on software will largely dictate which programs you can purchase. Decide upfront how much you have to spend. That way you can limit your search to only those programs you can afford rather than wasting time looking at programs that are out of your price range.

2. The file format of your footage. Ideally, the program you choose should be capable of importing footage directly from your camera. Make sure the software you buy supports the file type that is recorded by your camera.

3. The level of control. If you just want to do basic video editing such as cropping footage or adjusting the brightness and contrast, you can probably get by with a basic program. If, on the other hand, you want to do more advanced editing such as adding depth of field, working in slow motion, or working with a green screen, you’ll probably need professional level software.

This video is a little dated but provides great ideas:

Using these simple suggestions, you should be able to find the right video editing program for your needs.

Suggestions When Shooting Cellphone Videos

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using cam candie for iphone recordingRemember when cellphone pictures were of really poor quality, and the video function on your cellphone was rather useless? This was the case when phones didn’t have adequate storage and when the image and video quality were nothing compared to what you would get with a video camera. Did you know they are now shooting entire full length 4k movies with iPhones?

Nowadays, people rarely use video cameras; instead, they are all using their smartphones to record videos and upload them to the web. When people shoot these videos, however, they don’t always think about how they can get the best shot. For example, do you see many people flipping their phones sideways to get a wider shot? If you think about it, you likely see most people holding their phones upright. You can get a better shot usually when you turn your phone sideways.

People also often don’t think about cleaning the lens. Wipe it off every once in awhile and look to see how it improves the image that shows up on your phone. It makes a big difference if the lens is dirty. Checkout some cell phone holders for video.

If you are a person that likes to shoot many cellphone videos, you might want to invest in a cellphone tripod. This may sound funny but how many shaky cellphone videos have you seen? You can be sure that your phone is steady when shooting if you use one of these devices.

Wireless Surveillance Systems to Stop Thieves and Shame Burglars

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We have decided to go with wireless video surveillance system for security as we need something that will help us keep an eye on our home. There have been a few break-ins around our neighborhood and they are making us nervous. The people are breaking in during the work day and we want to be able to keep an eye on our home when we are not home. And it’s not just for safety, but I think shaming burglars via viral video is a great thing.

We love our house and want to keep it safe. If someone were to break-in we could replace what they took but our home would no longer feel as safe. I worry that I wouldn’t’ feel comfortable in my own home if that were to happen. I would not want that to happen.

That is why we are going with a good wireless video surveillance system. We have heard good things about using this type of system as it can really help you feel more secure. I am looking forward to creating a safe place in our home and not having to worry about people getting in and taking things that are important to us. The video system will be a good first step for our home.

Using Cell Phones To Control Drones

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When I first purchased a drone earlier in the previous decade, it was expensive, big, and just annoying to control. I didn’t want to have anything to do with it because of that annoying reality. I just wanted something that was easy, but where was¬† I going to find that? It was not around.

The new drones are unique and I love that about them. They are lovely in terms of their looks and are so simple to control. I just love taking out the cell phone and guiding them around as they swerve through the area.

Watch the integration – seamless with the Phantom3

I would have to say it is one of the most satisfying feels to have this control over the drone. The past controllers were not able to do this for me. They were bulky and just plain hideous to look at. I didn’t want them in my hands.

I would say that cell phones to control drones are a brilliant idea and very imaginative. It is also reasonable because you do have your cell phone on you and that means one less thing you don’t have to haul around with you.

Take the cell phone and power it on.

Shopping For Drones That Shoot Video

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Drones that shoot video are more popular than ever, with countless new models hitting the shelves every day. It’s no wonder, either, when you consider the amazing footage that they can capture. Let’s take a closer look at some of the things that you should consider when deciding which drone to purchase.

First, you need to decide whether you want a drone that has a built-in camera, or whether you want one that has a mount that can hold a separate camera such as a GoPro. If you go for one with a built-in camera, make sure that the video footage is high-quality enough for your needs. In most cases, that means looking for a model that shoots HD video. For the complete list, request a catalog here.

Camera and video quality should be taken into consideration

If you opt for one that has a camera mount instead, make sure that it is compatible with your camera model. Not only does the mount itself need to fit your camera, but the drone also has to be capable of lifting the weight of your camera.

Before buying a drone, be sure to read reviews. Also, check out popular video sites like YouTube for samples of the video shot by a particular drone. Seeing what kind of footage real people are able to capture can give you a good idea of the overall quality of video that it takes.

Using Artificial Intelligence Technology with Video

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Uses and Dangers of Artificial Intelligence Technology

Artificial intelligence is more than what you would see in the movies before. It has come a long way and you see it in most technology in some manner. I have enjoyed using technology that has this type of setup.

I remember running some of my recent setups in terms of drones and noticing how the technology is evolving. I have seen signs of artificial intelligence seeping into the market. I just love it.

The technology is great because it shows a sign of evolution and growth. The industry has not just got happy with where they have been and are looking to keep pushing. They want to break all of those barriers that have been there before.

Watch what Bill Gates has to say about it AI

I love it because that means I am able to get better things that might not have been plausible in the minds of past generations.

I think this is how it should continue to go because why not be able to tap into the artificial intelligence tech that is being developed for our use. It is only going to get better and increasingly mainstream meaning the uses will also increase for everyone on the planet. It will become powerful.

Innovative Video Production Companies Stay on the Cutting Edge of Marketing

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behind the scenes with chicago video production company recording commercial
It’s not always sexy, but doing corporate video right is a great way to use your video skills to make good money

If you have any video equipment that you’ve purchased to use for marketing, either for yourself, your company, or as a paid service to clients, then you need to read this. Video production is constantly evolving. And you’ve undoubtedly noticed the new ways in which products are presented, new angles of video shoots, super creative or minimalist backgrounds or blank space, and the list goes on. In this important post, I want to delve into the importance of keeping a contemporary aesthetic when shooting videos, specifically for marketing purposes.

If you want to do online marketing, it is important for you to use every possible tool in your arsenal to generate targeted traffic. You can get traffic from articles, social media, and of course PPC advertising, but one of the best ways to do this is the video. Video marketing can be done in a multitude of different ways including using YouTube, Facebook, and taking advantage of the viral nature of video is really your goal. Checkout this infographic from Hubspot on video marketing statistics. If you are able to create videos that people want to share, this can go far beyond the money that you are spending to advertise your videos online, creating a viral network of videos that will bring in traffic at exponential levels. Here is why video production is so important for this aspect of online marketing, and how you can use this to increase your profits.

Building a Brand with Video – Keeping your Voice and Building an Audience

Why Video Production Is Important

If you’re going to market videos, you need to make sure that you are using either the right software or that you are working with a team of people that understand how to build videos the right way. There is a certain structure that must be implemented into every video that you create, ensuring that you are able to get the maximum value. It always must begin with an introduction, followed by either an entertaining video, and then conclude with a call to action. We caught up with one Chicago video production company that has been making waves in the community of video production by not only high resolution and beautiful videos, but they’re also very connected to their clients in other areas, such as branding, which helps them to increase the brand sentiment for their clients. They’ve also got a great fleet of drones for video as well as a professional studio.¬†Especially important for anyone operating out of the windy city or anywhere else that has inclement weather for a good part of the year, it’s of the utmost importance that you have a great indoor studio to supplement where you can setup and shoot. Take notes, if you’re going to do it right, you’ll need to make some good investments in your equipment. This is the basic makeup of every video that is used in Internet marketing, and is also used by those that have real-world stores. The production quality of the video, however, is very important as well. And that’s why you need to find the right company to help you or choose the best software.

Production Companies Versus Software

tech-gifThere are so many products on the market right now that can help you create videos, it’s difficult to make the right choice. Likewise, you may also be facing a situation of time, meaning you don’t have enough time to learn how to use the products, produced videos, or even submit them. What most people will do if they are busy with their business is they will use a video production company. These are businesses that understand how to create the videos, and can simply take your suggestions, and implement them in the way that you have requested. The differences, they will be able to construct the video in such a way that it is viral in nature. This is something that you may not be able to do on your own, even if you do have the right software.

Video production companies are an absolute must for anyone that is serious about making money on the web. If you are serious about earning money from video marketing, you need to find a reputable business in your area that can produce videos for you, and potentially submit them as well, to help you earn more money with your business using videos as your primary tool for generating targeted traffic. And don’t forget to always be finding new ways to increase your quality.